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metal chairs

By 6/18/2008

metal chairs are everywhere these days. pottery barn has some lookers (expensive). not be to confused with expensive hookers.

sundance has one too:

i think my fave is the anthropologie one:

megan found some sweet metal drafting stools

you could do this pretty easily yo'self if you bought one on ebay. you could just spray it, rather than have it powder-coated.

this guy's for sale.

and these

a little more girly

these are too cute - i'd leave them just the way they are

do you have some fun metal chairs? let's see them.


  1. Oh, that just brought up a painful memory. When my husband and I first moved in together in college we fought about all of the furniture. He HATED my retro metal table and 4 chairs for our front porch. In the name of love I agreed to take them to the dump. As we drove away, I literally saw a family running across piles of trash to grab my beloved vintage set of metal furniture.

    And then a few years later I saw the same set for sale at an antique store for $650. I STILL bring it up when my husband and I fight.

  2. You're killing me. I want to throw every piece of seating I own out the window and replace with these chairs.

    Help. I need help.

  3. well, you've admitted you have a problem and that's the first step.

    help should be on the way, right?

  4. I peed my pants a little on the expensive hookers.

  5. a girlfriend of mine has lawn chair furniture that is black and iron. its so unique i love it.

  6. Love this blog entry!! I have a bunch of metal chairs!!!
    Great idea,


  7. I didn't know they had them at pottery barn! too bad they're still $200 a pop.