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coming back...

By 6/23/2008

some very good news for us last week


  1. WOOHOO!

    If you ever watch PTI on espn they did a toss-up last week which was "Carolina vs. the field". Both Tony and Mike picked Carolina.

    kind of awesome.

  2. You know what? I'm not even bitter or angry or having an anxiety attack about this, which is a nice change.

  3. Oh yes... the terps are totally on the wrong track. they picked a hardened criminal who was about 24 to sign. had to then let him to because of the stink about it on campus.

  4. can we discuss the players' statements? they say exactly the same thing. and anyone who has ever watched a post-game interview can be pretty sure they aren't quite that elegant in real life. at least mix it up some if their statements will be printed side by side. or let them give their real feelings: "my ego can't take going in the 7th round." or "roy sent me to guantanimo until i said i'd stay." now that's exciting! half time hot tub!

  5. north carolina, specifically jamie: hey -it's me, danny green.

    thought i saw you watching me during warmups. did you see that little dance? yeah -that was for you.

    well, i'm coming back. careful calculation says i can't be on mtv cribs if i go pro next year, so i'm proud to be returning.

    so don't call me, i'll call you? and poss watch me beat duke again in a hot tub in the caribbean? sounds like a plan.

    and get yourself that dog. you deserve it.

    love - danny.