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bald head island revisited

By 6/06/2008

i mentioned i went to bald head island last weekend - its a small 'village' off the coast of north carolina, accessible only by ferry. there are no cars on the island, just golf cars. we went to visit our friends john and alexis (you may remember from such outings as st. john in march)

a few highlights:
lydia and ermanno kayak skiing, if such a sport exisits
kayak skiing

sitting and singing. maybe yelling?

salsa delight

shrimp freaking fritters - so good.
shrimp fritters


frying fish for tacos
frying fish


beach olympics 2008. the highly contested sit and reach qualifier
sit and reach qualifier

the nail biting sit and reach final match up: lydia v. alexis
sit and reach

next event - flip cup
flip cupping

arm wrestling
arm wrestling

corn hole round
corn hole

it's important to throw gang signs on the creek. let the fish know who you represent
gang boating

brian in the muck of life
muck of life

running to not get nailed with a beanbag.


  1. Our little packet of friends holds the "Iron man and woman" contest every New Year's, which includes the egg blowing contest, wall sit, and every popular but painful vacuum hold (which has about 38,417 specific rules). Glad to see there are some other wackos out there who can't just get together and sit around the campfire.

  2. FYI, I am coming on your next little get-away because girl, you look like a whole lotta fun.


  3. Ooo, wall sit! I can't wait for additional events. Note to Jamie's blog readers...she is an amazing arm wrestler. It was surely the event of the olympics, and she beat me.
    Lex of sit and reach fame

  4. You are officially having the most fun of anyone I know.