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welcome to may!

By 5/01/2008

the month of birthday celebrating!

luckily, my birthday is on the 17th, so it makes sense to dedicate the ENTIRE MONTH of may to ME.

last year i blogged about 92384 things i wanted for my birthday, but this year i've decided to be more reasonable in my requests. i honestly don't need anything really. except for:

a rocking chair
a ficus tree for the kitchen corner
a bird feeder
a few small surprises


  1. My b-day is on May 17th too! Happy Birthday in advance! And yes, I too celebrate my birthday all...month...long! :)

  2. My birthday is May 9th...today was the start of my birthday month too! Hooray!

  3. happy early birthday! my birthday's on the 27th! I don't think I can limit myself to only 4 things though. ;)

  4. I just found your blog, and I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one who celebrates my birthday month (July). Although I tend to start early and extend the end. ") Happy belated!