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an outdoor update

By 5/20/2008

i know that everyone's had outdoors on the mind - us too.

i'm not really sure where to start at our house.
our backyard is a behemoth. brian has been expanding our deck and is finishing up this week.

i tried to make a dent in the landscaping by putting some rocks around this tree and planting some wildflowers.
other than that, i'm clueless. what do we do with this mess? everytime i pull up a weed it takes about 2394 units of energy, and the weed has a root about 23 feet long.

in good news, the zinnias are this tall

and i planted some new containers last week


  1. Holy cow that's a huge yard. If I had even a 10th of that space... I'm thinking rope swing from one of those trees is a must.

  2. you have an awesome back yard. jealous!

    anyhow, i love your blog. its one of my favorites. i think we love the same things!

  3. thats a huge yard -in that heavily wooded of a site, you'll have problems growing grass. If you don't really use that space much - what about planting ivy? lots and lots of ivy and letting it grow wild like a forest with paths set into it?