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hotel luxe

By 5/12/2008

so this weekend we were at the morrison house hotel in alexandria va.
after two weekends in a row of staying in fancy hotels, i'm questioning everything our house stands for. why do we not have 8 patterns per room? where's our carrera marble? draperies? cut crystal? bolster pillows?
i've never been sold on hotel style at the crib, but i must say, coming home to our kitchen that smells like cat boxes, and our bamboo shades hung on nails-- after lounging on frette and having turn down service is -- not seamless.
here's the room we stayed in -- it was less... orange in person. and more lovely.

the hotel was pet friendly! which i think is fab. if you bring a dog, according to the website, they give you:

doggy toys and leash (to keep)
use of our dog bowls and pet beds (not to keep)
choice of a book about dogs (we have four titles to choose from)


  1. I love it! I'm in the middle of planning a trip and you made me want to go to DC to visit old dear friends and stay here! xo

  2. how was dc? what did you do? we want to hear about the great places you visited!

  3. Awesome! Next time you're there, check out Hotel Monaco on King Street. It's Kimpton's other hotel in Alexandria and it just opened.

  4. we were supposed to stay there, but the power was out, so they moved us to the morrison house.