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By 5/05/2008

i like chicago a lot. you guys have going for you, including:
1) cleaniness
2) ridiculous amounts of friendly/helpful people
3) flowers everywhere
4) abundant opportunities to spot dogs of assorted varieties and sizes
5) good food
6) a lake that has pretty teal water

we stayed at the drake hotel on michigan. it was right at the top of the miracle mile, so great location. the hotel was gorgeous. its old, and has so much character. sometimes its great to stay somewhere ritzy and traditional as opposed to a hipper more modern place.

the flowers everywhere were really the most remarkable thing. tulips! so many. we timed it just right to see the majority of them at their best. and freaking hydrangeas growing in planters on the street! and orchids! in every restaurant, hotel, everywhere. even the crate and barrel has a fresh cut flower stand inside.

we ate at bistro 110, the tempo cafĂ© for breakfast twice, and trattoria no. 10 – all great places.

i didn’t get to all the spots on my list, but i did make it to jayson home & garden, where i was overwhelmed with the beautiful flowers – so many ranunculus in every color in the rainbow. i got to meet some of the chairs i’ve been lusting after in person – it was like meeting an internet girlfriend finally. abbe at jayson left a little package for me – the nicest thing ever – which included a book i had my eye on, and some other little gifts.
my mom found some gorgeous papers at paper source to use for decoupaging on furniture.

final verdict – chicago is great. i think i could convince brian to live there way before i could nyc. but the 343 cars and boats we have in our driveway probably won’t fit there.

photo above from flickr user art hill. my camera is: currently upset


  1. WOW! Sounds like it was a perfect weekend. I love Chicago! I am so glad you managed to get to Paper Source. they're marvelous!