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oh wow

By 5/07/2008

i discovered another new blog today, and i fell in love all over again.

my little aparment

take a look at her kitchen before.

and then after.

you're in love too, right? its ok, i can share.
that's the wallpaper i love! look at it!

additionally, check out her little bar.


  1. LOVE the wallpaper. so glad that wallpaper has made a big comeback.

  2. aaahhh! you are so sweet :) i actually started working on a friday post with your name on it, so be sure to check back.

    awe, im all blushy now reading this post!

  3. Now why didn't my kitchen have wallpaper like that? Oh wait. Cause I live in suburbia where wallpaper comes only in the tacky early 90's variety.