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jenna bush?

By 5/29/2008

i don't have anything terribly insightful to add to this, but yesterday i was sick and i watched jenna bush on ellen.

she's so weird. isn't her voice odd? would i like her? i can't tell.

and do you think her and mama have a little prep backstage before they go out:

"sweety, remember, ellen is a lesbian. so if she talks about that just smile real big and wait for her to move on".

i like how ellen asks if she and portia can get married at the ranch. jenna's like, yeah! ...wait, mama, i shouldn't have said that, right?


  1. She had me with why she changed her dress for the reception,

    "I couldn't do my signature move."

    Ha! I love her. I think that deep down, she's horrified that her father is a homophobic war criminal.

  2. her mom wants her to get up and dance so bad.

  3. I'm a fan. I think she may surprise us all. She appears to be a smart girl who has the ability to think for herself and she has done some great work with UNICEF.

    But yeah, her voice is a little diff.

  4. She's moving in a couple of blocks from my house. Hopefully her security team will be joining her. It's not a bad 'hood, but it borders a bad 'hood.

    She's also going to be teaching at a school here.

  5. I like her...I don't know much about her but she seems to be very "real" 7 genuine. Sue, kind of a different voice...but they seem like nice & to like Ellen.