Thursday, May 29, 2008

have you tried this?

put in your address (if you own your home) and see what it's value is, what the projected 5 and 10 year values are, and lots more interesting info.


layersofmeaning said...

My husband and I are looking for a home to buy... Zillow has become my new best friend!

JJ said...

Zillow was loads of fun when my house value was increasing $20,000 every 6 months. Recently though, it made me cry.

Mary said...

Just be warned that there are plenty of flaws on Zillow. I've seen homes that were listed on Zillow with the wrong square footage, the wrong number of bedrooms or bathrooms, & even the wrong number of floors. That can have a big impact on the comps for a neighborhood, so even if the details are right on *your* house, the incorrect info for a neighboring house can affect the value that Zillow puts on your property.

Just so's ya know.

teropong said...

does it run well in my country


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