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the glamorous, flossy flossy

By 5/14/2008

these shorts are like, my new thing.

they are not glamorous, nor even really stylish.

but i wear them all weekend long.

they're a good length as to not be mistaken as camp shorts, but to not look like a hooker.

they run very big, so when you're buying 8 pair, as i'm sure you will, keep in mind.


  1. Do they fit like a gym short or like a chino-ish short? I barely make it out of my pajamas on the weekend, so at least this would be a step up!

    Cute find.

  2. i also love these shorts. have you checked out their "trail" shorts? also a good find.

    incidentally i went on a recent patagonia binge right about the time you made this post. good stuff, good stuff.