Wednesday, May 21, 2008

my birthday - a pictorial.

the cake of assorted dogs is presented.

the real dog examines for authenticity

the small white dog stands alone

real dog jumps

real dog kayaks

daisies outside

daisies inside

warm and fuzzy and now both 28


Robin said...

Cool cake! Happy birthday!

Rachel said...

cute family and cake and dog!

but what i really want to know about is this-

the stripey dessert plates look like vietri. i hope i am wrong and that you will tell me they came from a discount store and that you saw them in a chartreuse stripe, too. please, tell me what i want to hear!

Rachel said...

dear blogger, please add spell check to your comments section.

many thanks,

i suwannee said...

yes, they are vietri. sorry =(

layersofmeaning said...


pve design said...

dog gone birthday!


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