Tuesday, April 29, 2008


i finally got around to seeing ratatouille a few weekends ago. i ordered it off indemand and watched it one sunday afternoon whilst eating a bag of BOLD chex mix (which target does not carry anymore, why?). nothing could be finer.

its such a great movie. happy and fun.


Sucker For Marketing said...

We saw that in the theatre with the kiddos and it really was fun. I am NOT a watch-a-movie-twice knid of girl, but we rented it the other night and watched it again, it was that enjoyable!

I'm Andrea said...

I loved this movie too. I thought those long shots of Paris at night were breathtaking.

Shelley said...

I pay-per-viewed'ed it too a few weeks ago with my 24 yr. old daughter who is going live in Paris for a year and we were mimicing the lady chef's accent....sooooo much fun...the movie is pure fun.


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