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i've been confused for so long.

By 4/03/2008

and i just don't get it. can someone explain it to me?

do they do it for advertising? are the champagne and shoe people paying them?

are they just douchebags and they act like this for no money? well that's a dumb question. i know they're douchebags.

tell me more.


  1. i have a hard time with those two. it is like a cringe but you still want to watch but it is so uncomfortable it makes you embarrassed for them. they are awful.

  2. i tried to watch the hills and i think the show is pretty boring. nothing happens. but spencer and heidi like people are obsessed with them because i think they are so horrible. every time i see them i like die a little. i would suggest going to mtv.com and watching a hills episode. you just stare and say WHAT WHAT WHAT a whole lot. i dont get it either. i think perez hilton must be friends with them because he keeps putting them on his webpage no matter what they do. thats why people keep caring. and heidi is apparently voting for john mccain and it made HEADLINES and john mccain RESPONDED that he LOVES the hills.


  3. I'm going to try and move through my disgust to respond, but it might get ugly. From the boobs, to the horrible video, to the fact that she is making the same face in this picture as in my US Weekly when they went on an egg hunt with Spencer's niece (http://www.usmagazine.com/spencer_pratt_heidi_montag_take_niece_on_easter_egg_hunt)...I just hate and hate more. My mom used to tell me that people who hate go to jail. Well, I've been locked up twice now, so I double hate them!
    Love, Lex/Chompy