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luncheon of the boating party

By 4/21/2008

you may have noticed i've added a little bit on the right about what i'm reading currently.

i have to share more about the particular book i'm reading now, luncheon of the boating party by susan vreeland. its the story of the execution of renior's famous painting, and its so great - i can't put it down.

you find out who everyone in the painting is - and how they all came together.

its lovely - you should read it.


  1. Oooh, that sounds really good.

  2. that is the very next book on my nightstand stack. glad to hear that it delivers!

    were you able to put it down long enough to watch john adams last night? so good. i could not stop the tears from leaking. i mean, you know they are going to die. so i felt stupid until i heard ryan sniffling.