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guess what?

By 4/28/2008

i'm going to chicago on friday.
just to visit. i've never been!

i'm going with mom, mom-in-law, and cousins - for shopping, eating, strolling.

anything i should be certain not to miss? what should i wear? will it be cold during the day? windy?

i've made a map on google and included:
sprout home
jayson home and garden
modern times
art effect
anthropologie (just b/c we don't have one here)

what else?


  1. You are going to love Art Effect. When you're in Lincoln Park, you should go to Lori's Shoes, Barney's Co-Op and Active Endeavors. CB2 is nearby. When you're on Michigan Avenue, you should go to Room and Board and the Bloomingdale's Home Store. Jonathan Adler is nearby. The Nordstrom off Michigan Ave is excellent (and Sephora is in that mall). And I really like the home selection at Barneys proper. The Kate Spade store is nearby as well. Chicago is way fun. Report back with your finds!

  2. If you like great papers, then visit the papersource stores. if you have time, go on the chicago architectural tour by boat. it's the best way to learn about the city, which is very different architecturally than east coast cities.

  3. As for the weather - it's going to be cold. In Des Moines it is 40 degrees today and windy. I'm still wearing my winter coat. :(

  4. Greer in Old Towne...AMAZING selection of notes and cards...but it's the amazing merchandising will keep you in there for an hour.
    Food: while shopping, a great "ladies who lunch" spot is RL at the Ralph Lauren Store off Michigan ave. Also if you do go to Lincoln Park as Jennifer outlines (all great spots)...eat at Toast. I don't live in CHicago anymore, but I still think about the food at Toast a lot ;)

  5. Grab the lunch buffet or just drinks at the signature room in the John Hancock. You can see for miles on a clear day and the food is great. http://www.signatureroom.com/

    I second the architectural boat tour--its phenomenal. Stop at Fox & Obel's and get treats for the boat ride. http://www.fox-obel.com/index.asp

    A cute hat and big scarf will be your best friends if its windy.

  6. Hi Jaime,

    I see you have the Proust Questionnaire on your Wish List. I am going to leave a complimentary copy for you at our will call counter at Jayson Home & Garden. If you make it to our store during your visit, please give them your name at the floral counter and pick up your book.

    Thank you for supporting our store!

    Jayson Home & Garden

  7. oh abee, how fabulous! thank you, i'll be sure to visit!

  8. Oooo, I'm so jealous. I really love Hotcago. Plus, you are getting the royal treatment from Jayson's...I was just on their website today thanks to you! Please buy and bring back their lovely smoky grey sofa. And I would also stalk Oprah and enjoy a delightful Kettle One martini and oysters at Shaw's (http://www.shawscrabhouse.com/chicago/directions.shtml) as well as purchase something from the marimekko tribute collection at H&M. Have a great time!

  9. garrett's popcorn. mix the caramel and cheese (sounds weird, tastes delicious!) you'll need a snack with all that shopping!

  10. eat at Avec, a tiny but beautifully designed space with communal style seating and tapas sized portions. be sure to go Pavillion in Bucktown,a gorgeous shop of belgian and french antiques. stop in for yummy all natural muffins and delicious coffee at Letitia's in wicker park. have lunch at milk& honey (also in wicker park) sit outside if it's nice, or cozy up to the fire inside if it's not. if time permits and you like scavenging, hit up the brown elephant or any of the value village thrift stores. have fun, you lucky duck!

  11. you have to have brunch at southport grocer (corner of southport and addison)...its the best brunch in town. also the strip of stores in old town (wells beween north and division) and for great wine go to randolph wine cellars and sit upstairs....have fun!

  12. 1154 Lill on Armitage in Lincoln Park! You go in a design a purse and then they hand make it for you and ship it. It's the best girlie afternoon and you will get completely addicted.

  13. That Anthropologie is located in a fantastic neighborhood. Oak Street (a short street full of amazing shops) is a block away. The townhouses will make you drool. Just a superb place to take an afternoon stroll. Have a great trip!

  14. I grew up in Chicago. If you like Pizza, A trip to Chicago is not complete with out going to a genuine Chicago Pizza place. I have several favorites. Unos or Dues, Lou Malnaties, Ginos East, and Giardonos. Once you've had it, you will never like regular pizza again. Also, the Art Institute of Chicago is one of my most favorite places on earth. The new Millennium Park is nice too. Have fun.