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for sale

By 4/14/2008

i'm selling some lovely goodies on craigslist, but they could also be shipped if you want a piece.

a brand new wallband from 2modern that brian was like, no.

ikea round stretched canvas. its 3' wide. why did i buy two? $35

two square stretched canvases i no longer can stand to look at. vintage fabric from reprodepot.com on them. each one is 3' by 3'. $45 for both

a brand freaking new anthropologie duvet cover i recieved as a gift. no longer in stores! queen size. $60

that's all. who's coming with me?


  1. wallband! brilliant!
    I have this horribly tacky border in my stairwell that needs to go... but I don't feel like repainting and couldn't find a border that didn't involve American flags or geese in straw hats... one of these may just do it.