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and i ate it too

By 4/14/2008

the cake was made, and it turned out just fine.

i used a tip i found on jordan's blog's comments for doctoring up the box mix:
add 1 extra egg
use butter instead of Oil
use milk instead of water (reduce qty by about 20%)
add a tsp. of vanilla

i did three layers, and put store bought lemon curd between each layer. the cake was the tiniest bit dry the first day, but yesterday it was moist and delicious, and trouble. we had to keep 'cleaning up' the edges.


  1. Hi, I stumbled across your blog from Oh Happy Day and I'm glad I did. I'll definately be checking in more often. Love the cake stand.

  2. Jamie - Yum! I am salivating here at work at my desk thinking about how good it tastes! I love the cake stand too!

  3. I did the same cake! White cake, lemon buttercream icing, with a yellow tint. Cool icing pattern on top. Raspberry between the SIX layers!