Friday, March 21, 2008


i'm having bedspread troubles.
ADHD of the bed covering.

we got this print for the bedroom and now this quilt is CALLING to me.
look how perfect they are together.
its like when you adopt a kitten and don't take her sister too.

but its small. 80" by 73". how do i work that on a queen size bed? riddle me that.



Anonymous said...

Sewing on a solid border?

Sucker For Marketing said...

How about you sew it to a queen size Duvet?

DawnMarie said...

What about a solid duvet and this as a throw at the end of the bed. I do agree that you NEED this.

robyn said...

I agree....definitely having it sewn onto a larger duvet is the answer. Thought I was so smart to think of this but clearly you have LOTS of smart readers! :)
Please buy it. I can hear it screaming your name from here for goodness sake!!

Rachel said...

for goodness sake, give this little piece of heaven a good home. clearly her first family doesn't appreciate her. look at that horrible lighting! they probably shut her up in a closet when there are no cameras around.

a wide, dark border would be gorge.

oh, and WHERE can i get that super green bag?

pve design said...

sew on a solid black border. black velvet?

Pigtown-Design said...

Use over a cover that picks up one of the great colours in the quilt.

jamie meares said...

hey rachel!

the bag is andrea breuckner. you can google it and buy online. its the large market tote.

Kathryn said...

fold and put on the end of the bed. regardless of the size, you MUST have it.

I am Trish Marie said...

Oh my goodness...give me a needle and thread and I will sew a border on that for you. It is that perfect!


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