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what is the what

By 3/11/2008

i didn't start reading this book because i wanted to be able to talk about the crisis in darfur (didn't even know that's what it was about, in some ways). i actually didn't have any particular reason for picking this up, other than i sat beside a guy on a plane recently who was reading this, and he appeared so visibly moved by what he was reading that i was curious. now i understand. i started reading this book on the plane yesterday, and it's all i've either (a) read whenever i had free time, or (b) thought about at work, wishing i was reading it.

not going to give anything away here, but... wow.


  1. I love that book! Dave Eggers is one of my favorites, I finished What is the What in an obscenely short period of time, considering I rarely make it all the way through books these days without losing interest...