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a study of bedside tables

By 3/05/2008

here's mine. i got the silhouette done at the fair last fall. this awesome guy did it in like 3 minutes. he just looked at me and cut. he lives in LA, and said his house was right down the street from the hair salon where britney spears shaved her head. i was sold, so i upgraded to the framed package.

a close up of the things that happened to be on my table last night:

notable are the tiny finger moose, for emergencies that may occur during the night, the SPF 45 lip balm - perfect for sleeping?, and the hair clip that claire made me.

and then here's brian's.

a bandana in case a gang war breaks out during the night, boat keys if you needed to move the boat in driveway, and a screwdriver.


  1. God, I hate those midnight gang wars.

    You're too funny.