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small space, big style

By 3/31/2008

i am such of fan of this show on hgtv. the last few episodes that i've seen have been a who's who of .... cool stuff i'm actually familiar with.

for instance, a few weeks ago, there was amy gardner's gorgeous house in virginia, who owns rock paper scissors. same episode, the NY apt. from domino with the walls painted about 3/4 the way up in that lovely gray paint, and the lofted bed. remember?
and...the crazy roy lichtenstein apt. from domino as well! with all the chairs!
then! last week i was at the gym and on the little treadmill TV, there's victoria! from sfgirlbybay.com!
i loved seeing all these places in three dimensions. they were even more amazing.
i would definitely tune in for some house porn on tuesdays and thursdays at 6:00! (i think they might be switching to 9am in april, in which case, i'm indisposed)

oh wait, i had to add this! look -- sneak peek for tomorrow's episode:


  1. The gray paint/lofted bed apt made - no forced - me to get the IKEA Hoppen chest for more storage. Fantastic!

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