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By 3/19/2008

this post is for the 8 people left in the free world who don’t grasp this already, but iphones are freaking ridiculously awesome.

this fact was reiterated for me on vacation. alexis had her iphone, and from the beach – on a towel, in the sand, bottle of rum in hand- we were able to check work email, reply, get business done, watch videos on youtube, check the weather, find a place to rent a boat, rent the boat, transfer funds to an off-shore account (not really, but hey), look at blogs, find out what Britney was doing at that exact minute, download from itunes, and check basketball scores. not to mention the cool flippy function which I did often for the extra amazement factor

that’s like, all the things i do. on a daily basis. and now it can be done anywhere. so really, we could all set up shop on the beach, on a towel, with a bottle of rum.

brian and i are switching over in may, when our verizonawfulcontract expires. i can’t wait.


  1. When I could not access the internet in FLORIDA (note: not Costa Rica, not the Outback, not Anarctica) I turned to my husband and said, "I need an iphone." "No you don't." "Yes. I do." I do.

  2. i have never seen such perfectly groomed cuticles.