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the dirty nastiness

By 3/17/2008

whewwwwww, i'm back. it was wonderful, all around! i have lots of pictures to share and hopefully will have them up tomorrow.

today is catch up so posting will be light.

katie rocked the house at guest blogging, agreed?

and UNC came out on top in the acc final yesterday in another show of hawtness from tyler. first ncaa tourney game is this friday!


  1. OMG... i am SOOOOO depressed about Maryland. They played like 4-year olds. Pathetic. And the two local teams who are still in? They play y'all! YIKES!

    Glad to have you back. Hope you all had a great time!

  2. GO HEELS! Tyler's goofy dance-run after the Tech game was the display of hawtness you were referring to yes?

  3. i'm a tar heel born and a tar heel bred... not really (5th? generation georgian), but i love that song.