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confessions of a shopaholic

By 3/18/2008

do you read this series? i do. all 349389 of them. i don't read a lot of 'girly stuff' these days, but i will sit a spell and knock out one of these as soon as it comes out.

i think its because i can channel becky bloomwood everytime... b/c don't we all have the impulse that buying 1 thing is going to completely change our lives - take our style or image in a whole new direction, just from 1 purchase? i love the tangents she goes off on - a moroccan lamp leads to a new exotic lifestyle, dietary changes, new wardrobe, moving, etc.

anyways, i heard this am. they're doing a movie. i was day dreaming on vacation about who i would cast as becky - i can't remember who i came up with, but it wasn't isla fisher. maybe she works though - i keep forgetting it shouldn't be an all-american girl.
what are your thoughts?


  1. I think Isla Fisher can pull it off. This assumption is based on having seen stills from the movie shoot -- she looks adorable in Becky's sometimes ridiculous outfits. Full disclosure though: I've read the books (most of them if not all) and I have no intention whatsoever of seeing the movie.

  2. I gotta say I think she would be a good pick. Hopefully the movie will stay true to the books.

    BTW - love your blog - LOVE IT!