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bookcase of the day (extended version)

By 3/11/2008

this bookcase is actually from my parents' "empty nest" loft. they sold the ranch house where we all grew up, and moved into this converted warehouse that was used by RJ Reynolds to cure tobacco leaves since the 1800's. my mom is one of the most creative people i know, and she's done some great stuff with the space, one example being these shelves installed in the living area.

here's a few more pictures of their loft for your perusal:


the original windows, reclaimed wood floors, and exposed bricks and pipes -- been there done that for NYC meatpacking district, but pretty unique for little winston-salem NC!

piedmont leaf lofts


  1. I live in Winston and had wondered what those lofts look like inside. They look awesome - how cool are your parents to move there? great guest blogging by the way...

  2. that is an awesome loft! your parents have done an amazing job, no surprise there (: