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beds galore

By 3/10/2008

you know how when you're in the market for something, you all of a sudden notice ads and displays and information for it everywhere? well, that's what's going on with me right now. i have a severe case of bed fever. i have a metal frame and nothing else, and i just can't decide what to do. more on that later this week, but for now i thought i'd solicit some opinions of those who actually like design, and give my poor boyfriend the day off...

the lovely version above is charles p rogers. glorious.


has anyone ever seen a wing-bed in real life? doesn't it seem cocoon-like? this one is mitchell gold bob williams.


presumably someone who is lucky enough to already have an indoor bed is now just showing off...

simple, white, with fur!

i feel sleepy just looking at this one.

the bed itself doesn't look that comfy, but the whole ensemble with wallpaper and bench and all - pretty appealing, don't you think?

if i didn't live in an industrial loft conversion, maybe this would be an option...

i'm just noticing how many different styles i found that i liked, just in this post.  you can probably see why i have issues deciding on a bed now.


  1. PLEASE please please tell me where you got the photo titled "beautiful bed 3" (the one that you said makes you sleepy just looking at it). I simply MUST know about the circular chandelier hanging above the bed!!! Please share!
    LOVE IT! :)

  2. ditto robyn, love that be and literally, i'd be swinging from that gorgeous circular chandelier!

  3. please don't hate me but... i downloaded these images from my home laptop and uploaded them to flickr just before i left for a work trip. when i'm back on friday it will be easy for me to search my laptop to see where i got the image from, but this week i'm trapped with only my work computer. i'm so sorry, i wasn't thinking when i did that! i promise i'll get back to you friday and let you know where i found it.


  4. I do hope that fur is faux! Looks luxurious, but poor animals should not die a cruel and painful death to be a tiny swatch on a skin mosaic draped on a bed.

  5. I want to go curl up in that bed by the water. Ahhhh...the sound of the water is already pulling me into sleep.

  6. hopefully better late than never... but for robyn, you had asked about the origin of the bed and chandelier. i did some digging, and it turns out both the items are from ochre -- here's the link: http://www.ochre.net/en/display.product.php?furnitureID=furniture1&productID=f35


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  9. I know it's strange, but I really do love odd bed designs lol. There are some really cool beds in Japan etc, with Tv's and stuff built in. I can only dream though...

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