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almost april showers...

By 3/31/2008

hopefully will bring may flowers and vegetables!

we're on our second day of rain in raleigh, and its supposed to keep coming. our grass is squealing with delight.

brian and i got seeds yesterday, and some big containers to start our porch garden. we're planting tomatoes, 4 kinds of peppers: bell, habanero, banana and something else i forgot, zucchini, cilantro and squash.

i also got several different types of zinnia that i'll put in a huge galvanized tub i got for $10.

we should be able to plant this week, so i'll keep you updated!
more on ark here.


  1. You mean you didn't get any rain on Saturday? It rained in Durham that morning & I think a little in the evening, as well. Whatever the case, it's all welcome!

  2. Nice cute post!!
    April Shower Of Happiness and Love.

    Keep 'em coming..

  3. I hope that you get enough rain. I hear that you guys were being forced to take "navy" showers.