Wednesday, February 27, 2008

leah meadows sebastian!

i met leah on monday night. she has extrememly long legs and cute ears.

no your eyes do not fail you, i'm holding a baby. yes we can.


jen said...

Yay Leah and Anna!

Abby said...

Finally! Leah made i suwannee!! all i can say "i suwannee she's a doll!"

Julien said...

for some reason its funny to me, how we're on the same schedule, with baby shower posts then baby birth posts, then, today i'm posting about how freaking crazy it was that I ....ME...was holding a baby. i didn't want to hold him for like 15 minutes...i just stared at him...not a baby type person, but it's so amazing immediately after you get your hands on them!


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