Tuesday, February 26, 2008

help needed.

i am in d e s p e r a t e need of a bathing suit. i am leaving in 10 days.

please help. send me something that will make my tiny little heart soar with delight. i can't find anything that will suit me.

two piece
not fat grabbing
(links to what we are NOT after)

thank you.


zakary said...

Gap has cute swimsuits that come in solid separates, so you can pick and choose. You could do a boy short with a halter.
Target has super cute mix and match tops and bottoms as well. Plus, they have super duper fast shipping. Hope you find something!

Ellen said...

I just got a athleta catalog in the mail...their swimsuits are supercute.

For a swimsuits in 10 days I would just order a bunch of styles/sizes/colors and then return all but the one you decide on.

Emily said...

try urban outfitters they have some cute ones

Decorno said...

the delia's "two-piece" is pure comedy.

Decorno said...


Try Nordstrom. VERY hit or miss, but seems to have a lot of selection. If I were tiny like you, I would wear the B&W striped bikini.

Anonymous said...

Try Alloy's banded halter top in their mix & match swimwear section. http://store.alloy.com

jamie meares said...

you guys are awesome.



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