Wednesday, February 27, 2008

and the winner is!

suceess from alloy.

thanks for the suggestion!


Anonymous said...

Adorable! I'm getting very concerned about my lack of swimsuit for vacationing. Congratulations on your success. John and I are bringing Sorry! (that's right, the game) with us, so I figure everything will be okay in the end.
Love, Chompy

Nicole@Glamorous Living said...

Good choice! Is that from J Crew?
vacation for me is not until December...lots of time to find the perfect suit. Love your blog btw. One of my Daily Reads.

jamie meares said...

its from alloy!!

Nicole@Glamorous Living said...

wow...feeling a bit brain dead today. thanks for the correction :)

pve design said...

wow, does that flat stomach come with that fab suit?
want one.

Abby said...

congrats jamie nothing like finding the perfect suit for the perfect vacation! i'm jealous! have a great time!


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