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candidate homes

By 1/22/2008

hilary, mitt romney's vacay house, barack's crib

and of course, the champion of the middle class, your favorite mill worker and mine, j edwards humble abode.
from aol-- "Former Senator and trial lawyer John Edwards has a sprawling estate in North Carolina, including a 10,400-square-foot main house with two garages, a recreation building, and a barn-like building housing a basketball court, squash court, swimming pool and various rooms, including one they call "John's Lounge," according to the Carolina Business Journal. "


  1. Isn't it great to know that the candidates are just regular old folks like you and I? I can see by how they live that they must truly understand the plight of the average man or woman.

  2. 10,000 sq feet. thats TINY. how does he fit the indoor polo field?

  3. He's such a tool. I might have been ok with him before, but give me a break. How do you not feel lonely in that space?

    I am an independent girl, but my fiance and I (together 6 years) we tend to just migrate to the same rooms when we are reading or working or whatever, so we don't even know how to use our 4 bedrooms. I can't imagine what a small family would do with all that space.

    I hope at least 200 sq feet are being used for, say, cancer research.