Tuesday, January 29, 2008

here come the vikings.

i just can't decide how i feel about viking ranges. is it possible to have one without having that stainless steel backsplash thing? have you seen that? can you show me?

i'm telling you, it gets nasty. it takes longer to clean up dinner than to cook AND eat it.
(see illustration for dirty areas)
you have take the grates off, wash the insert things, scrub off the stove top, wipe down the backsplash, wash off the grates, wipe off the oil that has splattered everywhere else, and hope it never happens again this way. but it does.


zakary said...

It's a gorgoeus stove, but you are right about it getting dirty. It reminds me also of a restaurant kitchen.

Rachel said...

holy cow, is that your kitchen?

amy purple said...

That stove is awesome, all those extra burners and the double oven! brilliant!

what's in a name? said...

I have had a Viking in a previous home, and now have a Wolf. Wolf is better (looks essentially the same), and I highly recommend dual fuel. It is a pain to clean (and I have the stainless back splash), but don't just get one because of the looks, get one because it is a superior range/oven on which to cook and bake.

megs said...

um. a stainless backsplash is way easier to clean that a filthy wall with oil all over it.
trust me.
they make this magic stuff to wash stainless steel at like... restoration hardwear or something.

erika said...

hi jamie - i've just found your blog - randomly thru google reader's "blogs we think you'll like recommendations" or something cool like that. you can order a range without the stainless backsplash... you have to specify that you want an "island" trim... it's a lower piece not as high - more for an island application. i love your blog!!!


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