Friday, January 25, 2008

made to order

one of the great things about brian is that he makes furniture for us.

(during mantel installation)

i wanted a huge table for the kitchen with a bench. he made it!

i needed a coffee table - he made it!

we needed a deck, he's building it. and the mantel.

yay for him.


Jennifer said...


pve design said...

yah for you!
go Brian!

DawnMarie said...

You are so lucky. Love my husband but he is not very good with tools. Lawn mower, yes.....saw, not so much.

Petunia Face said...

You are so lucky! My husband is an architect but our house looks like it's owned by a blind shoe salesman. Nothing against blind people or shoes, but our toilet paper thingie is hanging on by one screw, he's been promising to hang my curtain rods for a month and the corners in my kitchen have no molding. Just the corners. Call it a busman's holiday, whatever. I so wish he would make me a new coffee table!

Joslyn said...

oooh that furniture is pretty darn swell!

design dna said...

i have one of those, who makes what i draw. isn't it grand?

Muhammad Zahid Iqbal said...

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