Wednesday, January 30, 2008

dear alexis,

remember when we went snowshoeing? we looked fierce.

soon we will be on vacay and it will be warm.

this is Alessandra Ambrosio. she's a victoria secret model. this is how she looks on vacay.
i think you know what to do from here.


Chompy said...

dear jamie,
there are only 36 more days until vacay. that is one less than yesterday. i'm not exactly sure what to do...purchase a hankerchief top? loose 40 pounds? or pee myself because i was mentioned twice in today's blog? option c is probably best.
hooray for vacay!

mamacita said...

OMG what a coincidence -- that's exactly what I look like when I'm on vacation. I must be long-lost twins with that model.

Actually, I look more like the van.


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