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ching ching.

By 1/25/2008

good morning young people.

have you heard your omniscient president is going to be sending a checkycheck your way soon?

what do you plan to do with it? spend by all means, b/c that's what he wants (and yes, it makes some sense). but on what!

i planned for a happening such as this. i keep an updated wish list over there on the right, see, scrolling around over there in red?

so, if you've racked your brain and can't come up with anything you need, by no means should you recede further into economic depression. stimulate the U S of A's economy by getting me a small treat.

happy shopping.



  1. Cannot see said red, scrolling list on right!

  2. Forget last comment; said list has now magically appeared.

  3. time for a new TV! even though getting checks in may won't exactly help the pit the economy is in now. if we really want to help the economy, said president should consider bringing troops home and stop dropping $1B a day in that cess pool desert. ok, enough soap box time.

  4. My goal is to get it out of my hot little hands and into the IRA account! No fun.