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By 12/31/2007
is almost dunzo.
hope you had a good one.

Christmas Bokeh, originally uploaded by { andrea.b. }.

i'm not one to reflect, so we'll skip that part.

do know that if you find yourself wanting of someone to celebrate with, tila tequila is hosting the mtv new years show. that's pretty much the best case scenario if you want to end 2oo7 and start 2oo8 ... with tila.
happy new year!!!


By 12/30/2007
we're going to have a small group of friends over to cook dinner tomorrow night for new years eve. i think this cocktail looks so great, but no promises if i'll get around to actually making it.

we're going to have beef tenderloin, asparagus, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and garlic rolls.

the cabinet of goodness.

By 12/30/2007

my cabinet of tiny things and serving pieces makes me happy. please notice on the right, 3rd shelf from bottom = blue TINY casserole dishes from martha that i got for christmas. they're awesome -- cast iron so they're really substantial. we have lots of tiny bowls for cat feedings and ice cream eatings. cake stands are a fave, and i've used my mixer several times over the holidays, so its started to become a kitchen presence (for the last year its been hidden behind the microwave).

paris enters the recycling bin

By 12/30/2007

in search of the wrapper from her christmas toy that had remants of catnip on it. she did not emerge until several hours later.

i'm smarter than you are.

By 12/29/2007

yes i've been light on the blogging - but we talked about this. you knew.

i also must blame this that i haven't stopped reading since i read about it here.

you must, really. then we'll be equal smartness. that's all it takes.

bookcase of the day

By 12/29/2007

over there in the corner.

bangs are hard.

By 12/29/2007


By 12/29/2007

today i made a magnet spot for our fridge.

its stainless steel fridge, so not magnetized at all, so i bought two metal sheets at lowe's, slapped some two sided tape on the back and stuck them up.

we had this same arrangement previously, but one day in a fit of hating clutter, i took it down and our fridge has been stark since.

so today, back up.

By 12/26/2007

my friend meghan's very cute save the date magnet.


By 12/23/2007

today is sunday and its rained most of the day here. i have 98% finished my christmas shopping. brian went to old navy this morning, by himself, and came home in a new puffer vest. odd. then he wanted to go out for brunch because he was wearing his "new outfit". so we did.

this afternoon i helped prowler watch a huge black cat stalk around our backyard, along with some squirrels.

now, i'm wondering if what i got @ the mall for brian's teenage girl cousins is appropriate. they're 16ish. jamie lynn spears is 16 too. she's having a baby. so that's where i am with things.

a wrapping theme finally emerged...

By 12/23/2007

b/c what COULD have happened without one? i shudder to think.

until next year...

By 12/21/2007

i'm off to begin my whirlwind holiday extravaganza which includes 11 days of not working!

i'm probably post some, but i'll be back in action for realz in january.

have the best christmas ever. 2008. woohoo!

tiny felt balls

By 12/20/2007
if you can even stand it.

for sell on etsy

bookcase of the day

By 12/20/2007

merry chrismakkuh

By 12/20/2007

our christmas card this year.

yes, i borrowed the idea from someone else who did it better. but we have three cats, so, there's that.

alexander henry fabrics

By 12/20/2007

a few of my favorite fabrics from alexander henry. available at jcaroline creative, and decor8 readers get 20% off on all fabrics!

wouldn't this combo make an awesome nursery! i don't even like babies - i think my biological clock is telling me to decorate a nursery - but it doesn't really register any maternal-like go have a baby feelings.

easy apps

By 12/20/2007

this summer i blogged about the ny times article on 101 simple meals - and now they've done 101 simple holiday appetizers, which is equally as awesome. check it out!

pom pom garland

By 12/19/2007
please review.

that's cute.
found here.

fa la la la la la la la la

By 12/18/2007

today let us rejoice and give thanks that i finally got my christmas cards mailed. it took approx. 3489 text messages to get all the addresses, but they're out. i think they turned out pretty cute - i'll post later this week once everyone has had a chance to revel in the cuteness.

now i just have to wrap presents (and possibly purchase more first). i've seen on lots of people's blogs that they have "wrapping strategies" and planned color schemes and such.and.so.on.

i don't think i even have any tape, much less a master plan. must get on it.


By 12/18/2007

oh my gosh have you seen the new resort collection at anthropologie? its so good. i am searching for a vacation destination this instant. i will wear this bikini in all my pale glory but i will be fashionable and that supercedes all.


By 12/18/2007
i stumbled across a new blog last week, and saw that she had this lovely piece of art commissioned of her first home by pve design.
it was soooo lovely that i had to inquire about it - and i found patricia does these amazing sketches of homes!! so, she did one for me. and i'm kind of freaking out over how wonderful it is!!

its like a piece of artwork and landscaping advice all in one!
here's the image she used to create the sketch.
i really think this would such an amazing thing to treat yourself to -- so many of us are in our first homes right now, and since we probably won't stay in them forever, i think this is a fabulous way to have something to remember your "starter house!" and all the memories you created in it.

a note on towels

By 12/17/2007

for maybe the last 7 years or so i've been on the hunt for a really nice towel. most sought after attribute: stays fluffy/puffy.

my mother-in-law always has lovely monogrammed ones that i think are from neiman marcus, and they had a lot of puff, but once i got some at my house - alas, no puff after a few washings.

then, hark, i stayed at katie's house this summer, and when i saw her towels, i wallered (yes wallered) around in them a bit for testing purposes and declared them to be perfect. i sleuthfully noted the label, went to bloomingdales the next day, bought them and have been happy ever since. THEY ARE STILL PUFFY. so, without further ado, here they are and they are on sale! boo ya!

loving it

By 12/17/2007

today i'm very much liking lorena barrezueta gourmet collection of cookware.

get them here

blogger = 1. me = 0.

By 12/17/2007

hola. i'm trying to give my blog a facelift, and its sort of backfiring on me. i made a snazzy new banner in illustrator, but i can't get it to work, so now you're looking at the yucky pixelated one. i spent about 3 hours this weekend banging my head on the desk trying to figure this out. eventually i'll get it, but in the meantime, if things look all wonky and aren't showing up (regular things, like posts, pictures, etc) please comment and tell me.

good tidings,

bookcase of the day

By 12/14/2007

for your consideration.


By 12/14/2007
i'm making tiny cupcakes tonight in preparation for tomorrow night's tiny party. here's my inspiration so far.

also, i think its entirely unnecessary to call things mini, when you could just call them tiny.

xmas gift idea last one.

By 12/13/2007

i'm spent. no more.

posters. cheap. $9.99 each. i got mine from here.


By 12/13/2007

so we decided to pull it together and host a tiny christmas party. i don't seem to function well if i don't have an event a month to orchestrate.

we're going to have tiny foods.

ace hotel

By 12/13/2007

in portland and seatte.

i'd like to go sometime.

trees bon!

By 12/11/2007

since is paris is better, i decided to finally decorate the tree and give up despairing.
here is a rundown of my favorite ornaments:

1.ball made by grandma. 2. brian's tiny highschool football days inspired needlepoint 3. huge silver winter hello kitty 4. tiny disco santa

dear summer,

By 12/11/2007

please hurry back.

then i can wear this.


and for my next trick...

By 12/11/2007

are you keeping up with martha's personal blog?

here she gives us a sneak peak of her kitchen. she has 239 whisks and 45 ramekins of spices/dust.

ode to the fireplace

By 12/11/2007

domino has a fantastic gallery of fireplaces up right now, although most seem to be for decoration purposes only.

we finally got the wooden beam for our mantel last weekend, so brian is working on getting it up this week - in time for santa!

our tiny new stove still needs an 29384million$ pipe, but we're working on that. as long as its 80 degrees, i think we'll manage.

xmas gift idea 24.

By 12/11/2007

my fave.

buy here.


By 12/11/2007
1. this is crazy

2. this is a cute idea

bookcase of the day

By 12/11/2007

wrapping inspiration

By 12/10/2007

i need gifts to wrap first...

pumpkin cinnamon muffins

By 12/10/2007

are what i made last week.

1 15 oz. can of pumpkin stuff
3 eggs beaten up
teaspoon or so of baking soda
1 box of spice cake mix
whatever amount of canola oil the mix wants you to use.
1 bag of cinnamon chips (made by herseys, only in stores right now!)

mix. put in tiny muffin tins. bake at 350 for 15 minutes (i went about 17 minutes b/c they weren't done at 15). it makes about 6 dozen muffins.

then, you put them in these lovely gift boxes from martha, write pumpkin cinnamon muffins on top, and give them away QUICKLY!

a little front door christmas inspiration.

By 12/07/2007

xmas gift idea 23.

By 12/06/2007
tiny, tiny muffin tins

because you don't realize you need them, until you do, and then you don't have them! but now you will!


By 12/06/2007

this kitchen is making me think i need to repaint, get rid of about 293849 pieces of crap, and get some bar stools.

its tough being so susceptible.

i do know, however, that i want mexican for dinner tonight.

must see

By 12/06/2007
take 4 minutes and 2 seconds of your day to watch this. you'll be glad.

found via at home at home

bookcase of the day

By 12/06/2007