Wednesday, October 31, 2007


was searching for a wallet, and love the image on the kate spade homepage.


i'd rather be this today, but instead i'm wearing bunny ears and a skirt as a dress with tights from the kids department at target which are serving to elongate my crotch, not in a good way.

last minute inspiration

from better homes & gardens.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

from martha, with love.

martha has her own blog now.
this is a picture she took today of some of her pumpkins at her house.if you buy this, tomorrow she's going to post some decorations in her home.


i found these pretty lanterns on ebay when i was searching for white paper lanterns. the seller has them in bulk, and the price is not so bad. they'd be so pretty at a Moroccan themed wedding as a centerpiece. for any of you out there considering a Moroccan themed wedding, which i'm sure is MOST.

bookcase of the day

and guess whose it is (you'll never believe it)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

i tried to wait a while to post xmas stuff, but its everywhere, so one little post can't hurt.

restoration hardware has a ton of cute stocking stuffers - a lot of vintage inspired stuff. there's something for everyone, from headlamps to travel monopoly.

i think a few of these cards would look sweet framed in a nursery.

vitamin w

i think vitamin water is the new gatorade. it tastes much better and the packaging is nicer. drink a "revive" before going to bed after a night out = hangover cure.

sarah silverman

we rented the first season of the sarah silverman show last week. i think she's great. she consistently pushes the envelope into the uncomfortable zone, and that's definitely my type of humor.

Friday, October 26, 2007

don't forget!

i love this sweet forget me knot ring.

i'd need like 19, in different colors, because i'm usually trying to remember a lot

Thursday, October 25, 2007


these paper cut calendars and planners from penguin are really gorgeous.


brian and i went to caneel bay for our honeymoon. 2 years ago from right now. i was in st. john, lazing about on a deserted beach. getting bitten by mosquitoes and sort of shell shocked that 1 year+ of planning was all over - poof - but happy nonetheless.

i'm not there now. i'm in durham. and its raining.

moving on out

one of my frequented internet pastimes is looking up houses for sale in my neighborhood.

we're a "transitional" neighborhood, in newfangled realty terms, which is a nice way to say -poor people, pack your bags! you're outta here!-

until about 1 year ago, we didn't even have a name. now we're WAYLAND HEIGHTS! located primely in MIDTOWN! raleigh.

anyways. currently, developers are tearing down the 1950's crap houses and putting up 2007 crap houses, which people with last names like boullieeo are buying for 29384 million dollars (i know, because i also look this up on the internet).

this sums up the amusing situation in our neighborhood! right now:

this monstrosity is sitting practically beside this gem of a crack shack.

you can have one for 900K, or the other for 300K, complete with awnings!


good morning young people.

so apartmenttherapy posted my entry = instant fame. 4 times as many people as usual read my blog yesterday!

i feel its my responsibility to use this newfound influence to say some really important things:

1) britney - go on a vacation.

2) when there's a drought, and you're supposed to cut your water usage back, its not a great alternative to use paper plates and cutlery instead of washing your regular dishes. where do you think they end up?
(saw suburban lady on news last night who announced proudly this is what she was doing to combat water shortages in raleigh)
your dishwasher is not the cause of the drought. your leaky pipes and your running toilet are. and the developer up the street who waters the new sod at the $1million townhomes everyday.


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

reading in bed

every night, before i turn off the light to go to sleep - i read.

brian hates it. we fight constantly about it. he wants to go to sleep, in the dark. i have to read to unwind and keep my great intellect sharp.

do you have this problem? what do you do with your whiny husband?

bookcase of the day

for your consideration.


for jennifer's engagement party, we're going to be outside, at night, so for decorations we're going to go heavy on the lights, and not much else, since it won't show up.

i've been keeping an eye on paper lanterns on ebay, and i've decided to go with 12 16" white lanterns. we're going to plop them in trees, hang some on shepard's hooks, and maybe by the end of the night, wear them on our heads.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


i do think i'm going to try this thing with the wall. i'm practicing by putting the frames on the bed first.


last night olivia caught a mouse. in our house.

{note tail}

he was basically unharmed and scooped into a box and put outside and asked politely not to return again.

oh my goodness oh my goodness.

last night i was gasping aloud as i turned each page in my new jcrew catalog. it is so bright and colorful and awesome. i never used to be this obsessed with jcrew.
look at that glittery mini skirt!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

happy weekend!

photo by liquidskyarts. doesn't she take great photos? pink birds.


i think i may have to try this new cookbook at crate and barrel.i'm sort of fascinated by casseroles - mostly because of the easiness.

bookcase of the day.

state fair

we went to the fair on tuesday night with our friends cal and val.

mostly, we ate.
fries, blooming onion, cheese steaks, elephant ear, corn, fried cookie dough, candy apples, fresh sqeezed lemonade and cotton candy.

color contest

i'm trying to enter, well, rather, i entered the color contest at AT again this year. i'm sure my home will torn to peices by people who live places like spokane and illinois and sleep in eames rockers. they'll be all, your pictures are hung too high. you have a dead cow on the floor. investing in curtains would do so much for the room.

well, if they do decide to post my entry, go tell them how great i am. because you know. and i want that $2500 shopping spree at CB2 to furnish our basement

work before and after

at our office, we needed a good way to display all of our t-shirt colors.

here's the before:

and the after!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

looking sharp

i think these ribbon trimmed roman shades from pottery barn are really great looking. classic, but bold. and they're on special.
i have absolutely nowhere i could put them. maybe you do.

future engagements

we've finalized jennifer and chad's engagement party for november, and we're having a chili cookoff and bonfire. the invitations have been mailed!
i'm so excited - its going to be awesome. delicious chili, a crisp november night, lots of friends and beer and dogs!

i'd like to present two things:

a: my anniversary present (pink) from

b: my cute husband

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


so last weekend, i lost/misplaced/imploded my wallet.
can't find it anywhere. thankfully, i carry no cash, unlike my mother who doesn't believe banks exist.
i really liked my wallet b/c it had one of those wrist strappy things on it, so i could carry it instead of my big bag most places. but it was also a maganable size to fit into my big bag.
now i'm in need of a new one. i've learned that they are called "wristlets". not to be confused with a clutch.
help me find a new one.

esty shop prettylilthings, etsy shop lulaballou, sanrio, le sport sac

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

bookcase of the day

from designsponge's sneak peak of artist wayne pate's house

if you had to pick...

which would it be?
and why.

apple's crib.

i was going to post about this as soon as i got my scan on of the new Home & Garden, but i see someone has beat me to it. such a great issue - all about NYC! very interesting article about what's going to happen when the ocean starts to rise and creeping up on the island. there's an artist there who is drawing a line around the city where the water is projected to come.

gwyneth paltrow's home in the hamptons was pretty amazing. it didn't quite seem to fit her though -- i dunno. it seemed too 'of the moment'.

the nursery was so pretty:
the H&G slideshow is here

Monday, October 15, 2007

i think these fingerprint prints could be cool and not too kitschy in certain homes. others, maybe not. it seems a little blueprint magaziney.

via apartmenttherapy:hometech

check yo self

these pants mean business!! check out that ... check!
love em.

wreath all about it.

x-mas wreath, originally uploaded by foohqwah.

i want to make this so bad for christmas, but i just don't think i'm capable.

happy anniversary claire and husband, and alex and ryan!
the weather at the beach this weekend (perfect) reminded me why this is such a great weekend to get married.

in other news, i was reading the new better homes & gardens magazine - which i swear to you is really great, you should give it a chance if you haven't lately - and i saw these pillows from garnett hill which they'll customize for you. i thought they were pretty.

Friday, October 12, 2007

brian and i are headed to the beach to celebrate our two year anniversary. mostly we plan to eat.
i'm still pretty stoked we're married, so i'd say its working out so far. brian is really funny. and he has a nice beard.

i hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

the golden age

this is opening tomorrow.
i'm stoked.
even if its horrible and boring.

google images

sometimes you can google images of things like beetles, and find great stuff like this that is high enough resolution to use on fun things like address labels.
which is what i'm going to use this beetle for.
i was looking at iomoi last week, and drooling over their labels when it occured to me that i can just make my own for much less $ (through work), and i'll have something one of a kind!

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