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peas out.

By 8/30/2007

we're leaving for the beach at 5am tomorrow morning. brian went to virginia this evening to buy a boat (probably) and he's bringing it back tonight - yes, to sit beside the OTHER boat that lives in front of our house - and then we have to get it to the beach early so he can park it there.

before you think we need to be on mtv cribs/boats, let me divulge. boat #1 doesn't run. hasn't ever. since he's had it. it just sitssitssitisstisits in front of our house. and its big. so its all in front. just the boat.

he's selling that one on ebay. i was sort of amused he did so much mentioning of me in the ad. crazy, huh? you'd think i WANTED him to get rid of it? anyways, he wrote a novel about it. i was oddly impressed when i read it.

in conclusion, have a great long weekend. avoid laboring at all costs. buy brian's boat, and holla at your girl.

an observation

By 8/30/2007
anthropologie has this piece of art, framed. and its $298.00

i bought this at world market approx. 7 months ago for $5.99.
just an observation. that's all.

By 8/30/2007

look how my lamb's ear is thriving in its new ikea pot!

pretty vintage tumblers

By 8/30/2007
ohhh! how pretty are these vintage tumblers on etsy? its a set of 8. they're sold out, but keep an eye on this seller for more great items.etsy is the new ebay without the stress.

*found on orange beautiful

house tour

By 8/28/2007
apartmenttherapy chicago has a house tour of oh so very cute emily and craig's house.

look at the salt and pepper shaker collection! i had a wild idea to do that too recently!

i also love her jewelry boxes. so pretty!

marble coffee table from cb2

By 8/28/2007

isn't she lovely?


By 8/26/2007

i'm going to order this book, and i'll let you know what happens. it looks super cute, so that counts for something. and i like how its recipes from the 60s and 70s so it shouldn't be too difficult.

teaposy teas

By 8/26/2007
how cool are these teas?
each flower can brew up to 80 oz. of tea and then be displayed in cold water for a week.

perfect for a gift for a tea drinker.

makeup pouches

By 8/25/2007

i think i need one of these makeup pouches from periwinkleonline. i discovered them in the new domino. i love the fabric options.

By 8/24/2007

bon weekend!

hide boxes

By 8/24/2007

pretty little boxes for your secret stash. from wishingfish

alphabet cards from pottery barn

By 8/24/2007
i got a new pottery barn catalog yesterday and i am thrilledthrilledthrilled to see HALLOWEEN stuff in it. i love halloween.

so they have these alphabet cards, that pottery barn wants us to frame. i kind of like the idea? its different at least. you get 3 different fonts and some extra vowels.

By 8/23/2007

this makes me happy, on a multitude of levels.


By 8/23/2007

this was one of the photos from our "engagement shoot". we look ridiculously retarded, but the picture is cool.

this looks so comfy

By 8/22/2007
from gap

i really really do love lamp and i mean it this time

By 8/22/2007
yes i may have talked about other lamps in the past, even expressed strong feelings for them. but this time its different. this is the one.

i nuuuuheed it.

on topic!

By 8/22/2007
this new fabric at reprodepot would make some super snazzy pillows.

you'd be all, yeah, i speak french. parlez-vous?

make it!

By 8/22/2007
at reprodepot you can buy a kit to make this little pouch. cute huh?

found via anh-minh's blog

print from binth

By 8/22/2007

ewh ewh ewh! i love this new print from binth. anna, get it!

potting extravaganza

By 8/21/2007

i sort of had a fit at ikea and got 2934 matching planters. but this was pre-meditated, so i guess that doesn't really qaulify as a fit.

but now its done, and i like it alot! i'm so glad they all match. before we had a million mixed up plants, saucers, tins, stuffickyuck.

sea urchin bud vases

By 8/21/2007

i love these. they're so delicate. i used to have a lot, but i've
1) given them away as hostess gifts, etc b/c i love them so much i want other ppl. to have one
2) broken them
so now i have less.

you can get them here

individual cupcake boxes from marha

By 8/21/2007

she's at it again!

i guess these are for halloween, but they're so great for ANYTIME!

the kit comes with:
8 cupcake boxes
12 self-adhesive laboratory labels
12 self-adhesive skull-and-crossbone seals

these would be so perfect for a halloween themed party!

bookcase of the day

By 8/21/2007

gasl_markham_roberts_01, originally uploaded by foohqwah.

from domino galleries

the other boleyn girl

By 8/19/2007
ann boleyn had a sister named mary who also got it on with henry VIII, and with the king of france. apparently, she wasn't a slut, just friendly.

so excited. the movie is coming out in february. is natalie portman *tricky* enough to play ann?

cb numero deuce

By 8/19/2007

while we're at it, CB2 has some lovely vases. i don't think i would place an order online just for them, but if i was getting some else, like this hawt floor lamp, then yes, they would be mine.


By 8/19/2007
i've always liked this pear wall hanging by marimekko from CB2.i first liked this fruit idea when i saw sarah jessica parker's kitchen at her house in the hamptons. the apple prints are like 9348hundred dollars, so the pear route might be a better option.


By 8/18/2007
brian and i are going to start composting our food scraps. clean air gardening has several composting crocks that aren't expensive and are easy on the eye.

they're vacuumed sealed, so no funny smells, and we can use the compost to garden with!

summer tomatoes

By 8/18/2007

we have so many tomatoes in the summer -- we grow them, my dad grows them and gives them to us, my mother-in-law brings them to us from the farmer's marker -- we have to start thinking of new things to do with them.

the usual is with fresh mozzarella and basil - you can't go wrong with that.

last week, we had diced tomatoes, garbanzo beans, 1 small red onion, juice of 1 lime, fresh cilantro and fresh corn off the cob all mixed together. it turned out delicious!

By 8/16/2007

IMG_2044, originally uploaded by designspongeshop.

i like this room a lot. quilt. butterflies. marble topped side table. pillows. its nice.

let's talk headboards.

By 8/15/2007

i'll start.

j.adler on ebay


west elm

west elm

now you go.

By 8/15/2007

do you think we'll get one soon?

(i think this was floyd)

bookcase of the day

By 8/15/2007


brian k.

By 8/15/2007
i went to middle school and highschool with a boy named brian kuebler. he was my boyfriend's best friend. he was really funny and used words like "splat!" as an adjective.

now he's an artist and he lives in brooklyn with another old friend, karen! (she's his girlfriend now)

here they are, painted by brian.
he's good, that brian kuebler.