Thursday, June 28, 2007

hat boxes

pretty hat boxes from crate and barrel's kids' line land of nod.

fancy bedrooms from cottage living.

curtain fabric

i think i've found a curtain fabric for the kitchen!

its amy butler and quite good looking, i think.

woo ha!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

hot damn

new @ jcrew


dear chairs,
i think you are each special and different and i love every one of you.
even the penis shaped one.

jayson home & garden

easy summer cobbler

cobbler is easy, and delicious.

line the bottom of a pyrex dish with a ready made pie crust.

(my mom said something one time about flour, but i didn't quite process all of it, so i just sprinkle some on the piecrust - dunno why?)

then plop some fruit in. berries or peaches usually. or both. fresh or frozen. whateve.

then! sprinkle some = alot of sugar on the fruit

put a second pie crust on top.

dab some butter splats all over the top

then cut some holes in the top so she doesn't explode, and bake at 350 for ... a while (until some browness starts happening on top)

serve with ice cream!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

today my car said

that's hot

afford-able house of the week!

this is a cute one

$262K in five points!


i sort of love this. a lot.

this seals the deal: "We intentionally package this item so it arrives to you looking perfectly rumpled and ready to wear."

Sunday, June 24, 2007

class ring

UNC is offering a new style of class ring. apparently, its a big hit with the sorority girls

i'm not sure how i feel about it. different: yes. odd: yes. good: dunno.

what do you think?

class rings are a little weird. its like, yay - you went to undergrad! now you can.... work in excel spreadsheets.


anthropoligie has some gorgeous knobs.

my mom is looking for hardware for the new painted desk.

i don't just randomly go knob shopping, in case you were wondering.

i'm really liking this new sheet set and pillows from garnet hill

Friday, June 22, 2007

off the to beach

enjoy your weekend.


fabric pennant garlands

i've seen lots of pennant banners like this recently. i really like this idea -- so easy to make!

here's a cute 4th of july version for sale on etsy a happy birthday banner, also on etsy mahar dry goods has a sweet one

Thursday, June 21, 2007

{new} pretty things under $10 from IKEA


wouldn't this make a lovely summer place setting?
at $0.79 for the vase, you could get a bunch and do a really pretty centerpiece.

happy summer solstice!

the sun won't set until 8:34 today!

knock-off in style

a really cool website!

olya helps find affordable alternatives to expensive designer stuff!

likey so:
DWR table = $1400

Ikea table = $269!

lamp = $975
crate and barrel lamp = $99!

some people are staunchly opposed to imitations, but i'm like whateve. you can afford what you can afford.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

fun with paint

when you don't know exactly how to use photoshop, you really excel with paint.


this bug cake pan from williams sonoma is really cute.

from this

to this!

a horse is a horse

if you can't afford a jonathan adler lamp like soperhaps you could get this one from urban outfitters instead. he seems to be a bit plumper anyhow.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

mom's desk

i stopped by my mom's yesterday to see her new crafting desk. she painted an old roll top desk that was in the basement. it still needs knobs, but i think it looks great so far!

Monday, June 18, 2007

our refridgerator is broken

but at least i'm home, thank jesus.
i sort of feel like i've been released from being kidnapped or something.

bonnaroo was hot. and dusty. and dirty.

good times were had, but, i feel confident saying i will not be returning next year.
dirty, dirty hippies.

yay its 95 degrees.

this is what our feet looked like after setting our campsite up.

i'm fine. i'm happy. i can deal with dirt.

brian is happy.

lily allen! still happy. {she was wasted though}

ben harper = happy

dust starting to dust about. happiness level = beginning to fluctuate. it was so dry there, each step you took stirred up a big puff of dirt and ick.

they remain happy.

now the dust is thicker, and its hard to breathe. i am getting upset because brian insists on taking pictures of me hating the dust.

trying to watch the white stripes through the dust. its not dark. its dust.

peace out bonnaroo.

for real brian, i'm leaving now.

now my fingernail has a weird bump on it. you be the judge.

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