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more swapiness

By 4/30/2007

swap, originally uploaded by andrea37.

picture thanks to andrea.

i loved every single thing.

thank you!!

yee haw industries

By 4/30/2007
yee-haw industries had a booth at merlefest this year, and while i am familar with them (suzanne has several of their prints in the office), i didn't realize that they did other letterpress stuff like cards and calendars.

some of their non-music stuff was really cool - i especially like the farmer's market card series.

By 4/30/2007
remember how i was needing a bicycle basket?
this one, she's cute.

domino anniversary

By 4/30/2007
domino magazine is celebrating its 2nd anniversary with a slideshow of some faves from the past two years.

this picture of a suzani as a bedspread from dec '05 was my inspiration for our bedroom when we moved in our new house.

here are some other highlights

birthday wishes

By 4/30/2007
they just keep coming.

summer bags from jcrew.

anna's the breast

By 4/29/2007
don't you think?

we're back from merlefest. i stink. it was good times. i heard the funniest story that i have EVER heard in my whole life that i would love to tell you, but it is just so horribly inappropriate anyway you look at it, so i can't. but... i'm still giggling about it now.

i came home to find my swap package sitting on the doorstep. for crying out loud, it was fabulous. andrea bought out anthropologie, and sent it to me. everything was absolutely beautiful. she also sent one of marta's handmade notebooks that is the loveliest thing ever. i'll post some more pics later when i've mastered the art of taking pictures without a camera.

nasal irrigation

By 4/27/2007
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any guesses on what this is? it looks to me like a watering can. it is called a neti pot. usually i don't get to watch oprah since i'm working, but i got to go home a little early yesterday afternoon and this is what i learned from dr. oz. this is actually like a bidet for your nose! it allows you to rinse out your sinuses and can help with allergies rather than having to load up on medications. just add a little saline solution and pour it up into your nose!

fascinating stuff.


By 4/27/2007
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so i've been wanting some wheatgrass centerpieces for a while now and have decided to grow my own. seems pretty inexpensive and easy. you can dress them up or keep it simple and use all kinds of containers.

1. choose a container that is at least 3-4" deep.
2. fill it to about 1" below the top of the rim with pre-moistened soil, compost, or potting mix.
3. sprinkle the top of your container with wheat
4. press the seed into the soil and then cover lightly
with more potting mix or soil and water lightly.
5. cover the container with clear plastic wrap,
and place it in a warm spot. remove the plastic
after seeds sprout.
6. move to sunny location.
7. grow for about a week and trim to desired
perhaps my bella cat would even prefer nibbling on it rather than shredding our plants and karate chopping my orchids. you could even whip up some wheatgrass juice for a super nutritious treat.


By 4/27/2007
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i'm not one of those people who is into monogramming everything, but west elm---which i LOVE LOVE LOVE---has a modern twist on it that caught my eye. i have yet to purchase anything from them, but i drool over their catalog on a regular basis.


By 4/27/2007
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thought i'd start out my first post with these little gems from my 7 year old birthday party. jamie always remembers this because my parents sent us on a scavenger hunt to find my present and the belkie bear was hiding in the dryer and she thought it was the coolest thing ever! classic 80's. the hair, the clothes, the hideous kitchen. i love how it appears everyone is singing to me except for jamie who is striking a pose for the camera :)
p.s. this is my first attempt at blogging EVER, so please be patient. more to come... happy friday!

peace out.

By 4/25/2007
brian and i are off to merlefest tomorrow.

while i'm gone, there's a guest blogger (because that's how i roll):

anna has been my best burd since 1st grade. now she's a lovely lady who hosts spectacular parties with chocolate fondue fountains, has probably the second best hair of anyone i know, and eats doritos like an ethnic driveway laborer.

pay it forward

By 4/25/2007
ok i'm cringing a little as a write this, because most people know that i want to kick haley joel osment in the face.

but, i like this idea of paying it forward, despite haley joel mostly ruining it for me by being a tiny chaunce machine in the movie. argh, just typing haley joel made me vomit a little in my mouth.

my bf jennifer and i had a similar idea one night --we were going to compliment a lady a day for 1 year, and see how it made a difference in our lives. you know how getting a random compliment always makes your day? what if you made someone's day everyday!
long story short, we haven't done it yet.

anyways. we don't have drive thru coffee places, but i'll figure something out.

wedding favors

By 4/24/2007
at our wedding, we put a bag of white chocolate sea shells on each person's napkin. the chocolates were made by a lady in wilmington, and my mom and i (mostly my mom) made the tags. everyone helped tie them to the bags.

i love getting a favor at a wedding. lots of times you don't, but i think you should.

you bought a new dress. its the least they can do.

martha has some ideas as well, naturally.

rosemary sea salts
mini pecan pies

bird's nestpotted place card


By 4/24/2007

since i don't have a camera right now, i'm just going to scanscanscan.

i like this headboard idea from better homes & gardens (which is a great magazine these days -- has had a much needed update!)

airlie moon, a great store in wilmington, carries these rugs. They're pretty inexpensive -- like $30 or so?

jackpot = jcrew's new dresses

By 4/24/2007

they just keep coming!

yes please.

By 4/24/2007

this may be my birthday party dress

the graduate

By 4/24/2007

this white leather dictionary would be a pretty sassy gift for a graduating young lady

deuce deuce days

By 4/24/2007
i feel strongly about this watch

pretty outdoor parties from pottery barn

By 4/24/2007

in style home

By 4/23/2007

the new in style home magazine is loaded with the prettiest stuff.

i am in love with this striped sun shade by Janus et Cie.

it is, however, $737, which makes it an insatiable love.


By 4/23/2007

mellow yellow swap

By 4/23/2007

i sent my package out today!!
i have ZERO working cameras, so there are no pictures, but my color was blue!
i hope andrea likes everything.

23 days to go

By 4/23/2007

pretty picture from Adorn Magazine

By 4/20/2007
plus a recipe for petits fours


By 4/20/2007
some people register for china, some don't.

i did

valerie is.
lauren did.
what are your thoughts?