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By 12/06/2007

this kitchen is making me think i need to repaint, get rid of about 293849 pieces of crap, and get some bar stools.

its tough being so susceptible.

i do know, however, that i want mexican for dinner tonight.


  1. my all time best kitchen is the one from that fab house in the hamptons in the movie "as good as it gets." this is very similar 'cept i think that one had black concrete countertops, or maybe slate. whatever it was, it was matte and the backsplash was done with super shiny subway tiles.

    i wonder if concrete or slate countertops would be a disaster for me because i am a little clumsy. do you think they are harder than other countertop surfaces?

    did you go for the faux fur bed cover?

  2. i'm asking for it for xmas. it went on sale this week! like $100 less!

    i think concrete or slate would be fine for your clumsiness. we have granite and they are pretty solid - haven't destroyed them yet.

  3. But I love your kitchen. Your kitchen is an inspiration to others.

  4. i was actually thinking of the items that i will break when i drop them on the super-hard counter. we have corian and i have done well with it, but the others just seem harder. eh, f-it. i love concrete more than my dinnerware!