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a note on towels

By 12/17/2007

for maybe the last 7 years or so i've been on the hunt for a really nice towel. most sought after attribute: stays fluffy/puffy.

my mother-in-law always has lovely monogrammed ones that i think are from neiman marcus, and they had a lot of puff, but once i got some at my house - alas, no puff after a few washings.

then, hark, i stayed at katie's house this summer, and when i saw her towels, i wallered (yes wallered) around in them a bit for testing purposes and declared them to be perfect. i sleuthfully noted the label, went to bloomingdales the next day, bought them and have been happy ever since. THEY ARE STILL PUFFY. so, without further ado, here they are and they are on sale! boo ya!