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faux or no?

By 11/16/2007

ok, in all seriousness, i need to know what you think about this. and no, i am not kidding.
what if we got a faux fur bedspread?

here's what i'm thinking:
we need a new bedspread since the incident.
we have three cats that laze about on the bed daily and nightly.
they have claws and hair. they used to pick the suzani and will continue to pick anything woven. their hair gets everywhere. it looks like they roll across the bed in a very purposeful pattern, making sure that they maximize every square inch of coverage.
so, with this faux fur idea, we get no pickage. and fur will not show up b/c its ON FUR! ingenious.this could go slightly south of ghetto, i realize. but i think its worth considering. in caramel. on the bed. you like?


  1. i think u will see kitty fur on a fur spread. the only worry i have with this is what if your cats like to pee on it?

  2. i think it is worth a try because it would be oh so cozy and you might even feel like you are staying in a mountain lodge.

    you could do a trial run with an inexpensive throw from tjmaxx first to see if anybody wets it.

  3. I think it is a great idea. I would love to try it myself but my kitty is having some oral issues and drooling like a garden hose. This would mean I would end up with wet nappy faux fur on my bed. I will live thru you. I hope you give it a try and let us know.

  4. i was wondering about bed wetting also. but the magical pee spot may reduce the likelihood of them using the spread. i would love a big furry comforter. but then again, chad kind of doubles as that already.

  5. excellent points. will keep everyone updated. thanks for input

  6. we have one like that... i just realized that indeed, cat fur does not pile up at all on the spread. and its super warm and cozy.

    photo here

  7. olya, i can't tell, is your really short fur?

    and you're painting on the wall is lovely. did you do it?

  8. a friend of mine designed that based on my vague hand waving (organic and abstract) and traced using a projector. thank you very much!

    the throw indeed has shorter fur - i realized going back and looking at your photos again. ours is from costco. washes easily and honestly, looks really cozy each evening. its a synthetic, so its static - in case your house has dry air like ours, watch out for that. but, definitely no cat fur. whereas it is definitely present everywhere else, unfortunately.


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