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By 10/17/2007

so last weekend, i lost/misplaced/imploded my wallet.
can't find it anywhere. thankfully, i carry no cash, unlike my mother who doesn't believe banks exist.
i really liked my wallet b/c it had one of those wrist strappy things on it, so i could carry it instead of my big bag most places. but it was also a maganable size to fit into my big bag.
now i'm in need of a new one. i've learned that they are called "wristlets". not to be confused with a clutch.
help me find a new one.

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  1. anyone but the first one will dooo.

    i like the hello kitty and sportsac.

  2. I have one from Coach that I love. We have an outlet near here so I was able to get it very reasonable. Just a thought.

  3. you know, come to think of it, i think i have a small coach one. i just don't think its quite big enough.