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By 10/25/2007

good morning young people.

so apartmenttherapy posted my entry = instant fame. 4 times as many people as usual read my blog yesterday!

i feel its my responsibility to use this newfound influence to say some really important things:

1) britney - go on a vacation.

2) when there's a drought, and you're supposed to cut your water usage back, its not a great alternative to use paper plates and cutlery instead of washing your regular dishes. where do you think they end up?
(saw suburban lady on news last night who announced proudly this is what she was doing to combat water shortages in raleigh)
your dishwasher is not the cause of the drought. your leaky pipes and your running toilet are. and the developer up the street who waters the new sod at the $1million townhomes everyday.



  1. Yay! I voted for you and the comments are suprisingly pleasant. I hope you win the prize, you deserve it.

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