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moving on out

By 10/25/2007

one of my frequented internet pastimes is looking up houses for sale in my neighborhood.

we're a "transitional" neighborhood, in newfangled realty terms, which is a nice way to say -poor people, pack your bags! you're outta here!-

until about 1 year ago, we didn't even have a name. now we're WAYLAND HEIGHTS! located primely in MIDTOWN! raleigh.

anyways. currently, developers are tearing down the 1950's crap houses and putting up 2007 crap houses, which people with last names like boullieeo are buying for 29384 million dollars (i know, because i also look this up on the internet).

this sums up the amusing situation in our neighborhood! right now:

this monstrosity is sitting practically beside this gem of a crack shack.

you can have one for 900K, or the other for 300K, complete with awnings!


  1. 300K?! Jeezie creezie. See, that's why I live in Durham.