Tuesday, October 23, 2007


i do think i'm going to try this thing with the wall. i'm practicing by putting the frames on the bed first.


Diana said...

Hey Jamie,

I saw your entry on AT and was very excited - looks great! I'm also from Raleigh, but a State gal! I am in the market for an apartment/house and was wondering whereabouts you lived since your space looked so great. I'm also curious about your white dresser and the floating wire shelves - LOVE them - where did you get them from? I’m glad to see great, creative color use coming from Raleigh. If you have time please email me (diraznuski@yahoo.com) to discuss. Thanks for your time and efforts! - Diana

Rockel said...

Ooo! It is going to be great. I def like these collages best when the frames are not matching (like mine ...)


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