Sunday, September 30, 2007

weekend update part 2

remember those shelves i asked for your opinion on in the kitchen (that approximately 2 of you gave)? where to put them, how many, etc?
well, finally, i put them up! after procrastinating for 1.6 years, i did it! and i love them! it worked!

here's the wood getting stained:

i bought the hanger things from the container store, and they were pretty easy to install. just 1 screw in the stud.

and some closeups.

including seasonal display which will change...seasonally.

paint by numbers. artist = grandma

tiny white things display, including jonathan adler tiny giraffe i bought myself as a reward for putting shevles up.


Claire said...

Love the shelves and the giraffe! How in the world do you keep it from being a kitty playground though?

Rockel said...

This looks SO good! Impressed and inspired because you DIY.

Julien said...

i love the shelves, by the way, i'm thinking of making shelves like that as a liquor cabinet...with a table underneath for the glasses and stuff. yes? no?


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