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By 9/27/2007

this weekend i'm going to try to plant grass in our front yard. this will be the third time we've tried.

a lovely family of voles has set up residence in our yard, hence the failed attempts at a lawn. they make tunnels that uproot the new grass, so it never quite works out.

i hate them. i wish they'd go away.

i was researching them today, and here are some of the highlights of my finds:

"These images show the tiny eyes, small, delicate feet and stubby tail which help identify voles." -tiny and delicate indeed!

"Do remember that voles are wild and unpredictable" - oh, i will.

"Don’t entice other voles to return." - yeah, like i do.

"Because of the unique behaviors of voles, it is very difficult for an amateur vole-trapper to know how to get rid of voles. Shooting is not a good option to get rid of voles." -on to plan B

"Call United Wildlife’s vole-trapping specialists at 1-888-488-1415 and we’ll give you our volees. We charge incrementally per vole and number of service calls. Prices will vary depending on severity of the vole problem. Depending on the amount of voles and where they are living, you may be able to assist us with the vole problem as we are dealing with it. There is no free government service that takes care of vole control. The good news is, insurance companies will often pay for some, if not all, of the costs incurred to get rid of voles. " - hunh!

"If voles should choose to die near your home or business, the dead-vole odor may emanate into the living quarters, causing headaches and nausea." - this is not good on many levels.

one time paris caught a vole.


  1. go paris.

    you can get this machine at umm somewhere like home depot and it makes noises that scare them off. i have it for mice. it sort of works.

  2. Gilbert brings voles from the outside, up the back stairs, into the kitchen, into the living room, drops them on the floor. I HATE voles.

  3. One time my future husband sent me an IM in which he accidentally typed "vole" instead of "love". In my deliriously romantic state, I found it charming. It became a little inside joke for us, so now I think that voles are sweet and they remind me of my darling husband. Therefore I don't have the nerve to kill them.

    Sick, ain't it.

  4. have you heard about the juicy-fruit trick? this is an old school trick, put individual sticks of juicy fruit gum down in the dirt, spaced apart around the yard. i think it works b/c the voles eat the gum and then can't eat anything else. you may want to look this up somewhere online...

  5. Oh man. I could tell you a little bit about the vole.

    In high school biology, we had to... get this... dissect OWL PELLETS (read: POOP) to find vole bones (apparently that's their favorite food). Once we found the bones of an entire vole body (it took lots of poop as I'm sure you can imagine) we had to piece the bones together with glue to make a full skeleton and then put it in a diorama.

    All that to say that I think you should probably get a pet owl.

  6. I saw 2 dead voles while walking to school Tuesday. They were bloody and their heads were cut off they had green bubbly gut spilling out off them.

  7. Well, my girlfriend's mom just told her that "we have a pet vole to pick up" and I'm not so sure about this..

    Apparently they are "sweet, intelligent pets" but I also read somewhere that they can harbor diseases like PLAGUE. So... yeah, not so sure.

    On the same note, though I think the "machine that makes noise that scares them off" is a great idea, and works pretty well. Its better than having a bunch of dead voles everywhere, and it keeps them from coming back too.

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